XP and Equipment

This page will contain standards for run XP and Equipment.


Difficulty Awarded XP
Easy +1
Normal +2
Hard +3
Nightmare +4
Meatgrinder +5


Equipment refers to items, gained either through spending XP or obtained on runs, etc. Every character has three slots for equipment, which cannot be swapped out during the course of a run but can be swapped out otherwise. To be clear, you can have more than three pieces of equipment, but you can only bring three pieces of equipment with you on a run or event.

Equipment can be either crafted or purchased from the equipment list, as well as obtained on some runs, at the cost of said run's XP. The list of purchasable equipment can be found here, [TBA]

Equipment Crafting

Equipment can be crafted, allowing players to create custom items that either reflect their character's character or serve a function not provided by pre-purchased equipment. Crafted equipment will always require permission by a GM, and ideally more than one GM will look over your proposal before approving it. It may, depending on arc involvement, ongoing plots, or other factors, require a player to do certain events for creating the object, such as research and construction. This is not a hard requirement however, and should not be seen as such.

The cost of crafted equipment will roughly correlate to the stat bonus it provides, or its functionality if no direct stat bonus is provided. For example, custom glasses that give a +2 to identifying footprints would cost 2 XP. However, this may vary even with stats, as a +3 to spider identification will not be as costly as a +3 versus all mental phenomena.

When crafting equipment, it is the responsibility of both the GM and the player to ensure the equipment is both not too similar to existing equipment to simply just be said existing equipment, and that it is balanced, providing a benefit to the player but not an unfair one or an unbalanced one.

Finally, should equipment given to a player through crafting prove to be overpowered or otherwise disruptive to runs for GMs and other players, it may be revised. Likewise, should a piece of equipment prove to be underpowered or otherwise not useful to the player, they have a right to ask for revision so that their investment is rewarded instead of made moot.

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