Site-212 is known to the public as McNeal Corrections Center. While a good portion of the site is above-ground (such as living spaces, ranges, common areas, basic containment, etc.), high-risk containment and research all happen in a below-ground complex. Agreements between the Foundation and the US government allow the use of nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord as a staging area for larger-scale operations. Site 212 is also home to MTF Psi-7, a Foundation juggernaut with specialists of any and every kind and widely regarded as the one true Jack of all Trades.

A multi-lane above ground range with sections for mid range and long range weapons completely with range markers and target placements.

back on the mainland there is a secure structure that is an observatory and attached building behind a tall fence. Most of the research here focuses on Astronomy but the facility is also equipped for research into fields like Astrobiology, Astrochemistry, and microgravity environment research.

At ground level, the vehicle depot and docks have three areas in it. There is a parking garage for personnel and site vehicles, a mechanic shop accessible via ramp is for vehicle modification and repair. The last area is a small hangar for both air and sea transports like PCFs, civilian watercraft, and CB90s for water transport.

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