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This is where all of our logs will go. Create a new page with the "logs:" category using the module above, and add content to the page as indicated. Then, add a link to the page to the list below using the following format:

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Description of run/event/etc.
XP Granted:

Sort them by month and date, and make sure you include your username in the logs




Inside My Mind - GM: taylor_itkin

The team is dispatched to Oregon to investigate reports of mass hallucinations. They discover much more than they were anticipating.
XP Granted: N/A


Welcome to the Circus!

Laurens, ace, liliya, and Jameson were sent to investigate deaths that happened at the Utopia circus. The encounter more than just what appears to be a ring master
XP Granted:1


Agents attempted to procure a journal on a hunt for a recently made ancient artifact, and encountered followers of the apocalyptic Scarlet King. Combat ensued, and they emerged victorious
XP Granted: 2

Dots and Dashes

Morgan, liliya, and ace go to explore a missing persons that was reported at an abandoned circus. Combat occurred and they were able to save Wren but at a cost.
XP Granted:2

13 Steps to Nowhere - GM: taylor_itkin

The team is sent back to Oregon where the previous mission in the arc took place amidst reports of a missing containment team and civilian kidnappings. Nothing is the same as last time!
XP Granted: 3

The Tip of the Iceberg

The team is sent to capture Mau who is a loa on a mission. They battle her and her echidna demons, but in the end the team was beat up but successful.
XP granted: 3

Home Sweet Home

Players invade mau's home and discover more than just old artifacts and jars.
XP granted:2



Agents recovered a valuable asset in translating recovered materials. Followers of the Scarlet King were dispatched, including a possible head, Reconstruction.
XP granted: 3

It Makes them Disappear - GM: taylor_itkin

Agents are sent back to the location of the RMB building one final time for the final encounter with RMB, but it seems that there is more to the story than previously thought.
XP Granted: 3

In Your Time Of Need - GM: War_

Agents were sent in for cleanup after an anomalous site went under. Sabotage is suspected, and whoever is responsible has a whole lot of blood on their hands.
XP Granted: 2








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