To create a character, type their name into the "New Character" box below and click the button. The template will be there for you. However, make sure you're a member of this wiki first. Click the "Click Here To Join" link at the top right. The password can be found in the #millennium-ooc chat topic. Once that's all handled, you're good to go! Feel free to use the site as a sandbox.

For information on how your character is approved, and what sort of stuff you need to include, check out the Character Approval Guide. It gives a thorough rundown of what needs to be included and the general sort of stuff GMs are looking for in a new character.

A few additional notes:

All characters must be original: Pretty straightforward. Unless you're Clef, don't make Dr. Clef or any wacky ex-GOC perverts who blow things up. Don't play a humanoid SCP unless you wrote it (and even if you did, you are encouraged to play someone else). Porting a character from another RP is not allowed.

Show, don't tell: It's one thing to say that Jimmy loves animals, it's another to say he used to volunteer for the Humane Society. It's one thing to say that Anna is fun to be around, it's another to say that she's the type to organize little skits for her friends in her spare time. A person is best defined by the actions they take, so when thinking of ways to describe your character, describe their actions.

Fun stuff: Get creative! Character photos, drawings, soundtracks, favorite recipes, diary entries, all that good stuff lets us get to know your character better. Putting a general description of your character's habits and personality isn't a bad idea either, especially if you're a stickler for continuity.

Know the setting: This takes place in 2005 in a predominantly American facility. Further information about the setting can be found under the "Universe" header on the sidebar, and is a fun read all on its own. Also, do note that all new characters are at least somewhat aware of the anomalous - everyone is briefed on the general nature of the world and the Foundation prior to joining up. The Foundation does not throw fresh meat onto an MTF until at least a couple months of training and acclimating them to the anomalous.

Please check with a GM before adding to this list. Please keep your characters in alphabetical order.

Active Characters

Character Name Player Role Approval
Ace Ramos madness_ Direct Action and Wet Affairs Specialist HARD BOY
Alastor Loralai RogueNite Pre-Mortem Medic Hard
Aryan Krishnan Nomos Senior Theoretical Physicist / Engineering Advisor Soft
Avery Solace Soulless Anti-memetic memetic researcher Soft
Blanche Laprise Alivi Field & Skip Researcher Hard
Caleb Kincaid DSJ Social Relations and CQC Support Soft t
Contessa Vledamir Elisa Security tech and drone surveillance Soft t
David Sheikhi calamitous1 Special Recon Commando Hard
Eben Barnhart lurkd Field Technician Hard
Elise Von Degenstaag Veiedhimaedhr Operative Soft
Elizabeth Atkinson taylor_itkin Sniper/Combat Specialist Hard
Ellie "Jinx" Santos DrTARS Field Agent Hard
Felix Harvey RogueNite Wondertainment Liaison Hard
Gwyneth Pryce BlueJones Infiltration Specialist Soft t
Harvey Longbaugh madness_ Urban Warfare and Investigation Specialist Soft-T
Jack "September" Smith Cocoa Hacker and Intelligence Operator Soft
Jenny Ruzzier DSJ Extrasensory Phenomena Researcher Soft t
Kaarina Mäkinen War_ Time Cop Soft
Karisa Aetós Taurus (DrTARS) Covert Field Operator Soft
Kazimir Mikhailovich calamitous1 Legioneer Soft
Lilith DeVale odocoileus mortician soft
Liliya Balakin padri Ex-Spy Soft t
Madison Harpur War_ Senior Medic and Bioanomalous Specialist Soft t
Marcus O'Donovan DrSavage Security and Containment Soft
Matthew Stillwater TheRaven Nuclear/biological/chemical warfare specialist soft t
Nassor Maroun MalyceGraves Historian & ancient languages expert Soft
Olivia Audley taylor_itkin Field Negotiator, Spy Soft
Peter Jameson TsjipTsjip Digital expert and Psychiatrist Soft
Tallulah Wright odocoileus Tracking specialist soft
Tamara Tonybee Cocoa CQC and Humanoid Containment Specialst Soft
Xander Flemming padri Physical Security Troll Soft

Inactive Characters

Retired Characters

Deceased Characters

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