Ville Karlsson

Player: RogueNite

POI-7493 'Ville L. Karlsson'

Profession: Interrogation and Ranged Specialist

Demeanour: Ville is a very calm, and very confident individual. Oftentimes, he paces as he talks, and has been regarded as an expressive individual. He doesn't like lying, nor does he like sugar-coating issues. He is very straight-forward and honest. What you see with him is very much what you get.

Nature: Opportunistic and more than willing to cheat at whatever 'game' is thrown his way. Ville is easily bored, and always seeking a source of entertainment or something to fill the empty hours. He misses home but has long since abandoned the idea of going back. Rather, he has forged a new life for himself in the ashes of the man that came before him. This man is dedicated to going out with a legacy and a blaze in the history books.

Description: Ville is a thinner individual standing at 5'7. Much like the rest of his family, he has narrow, grey eyes. His hair is grey and haphazardly styled, never tied back. Business-casual attire is his default; a grey shirt and slacks, oxford shoes, and a simple grey scarf with a snowflake embroidered into it. Peaking out of his shirt pocket is a patch of fabric; on one side is a scrap of a sweater, on the other is a scrap of a purple scarf. There are faded bloodstains on it. He always wears glasses and a silver wedding band.



  • Physical Health: 15
  • Mental Health: 14


  • Physical Defence: 5
  • Mental Defence: 4
  • Strength: 3
  • Agility: 3
  • Perception: 4


  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 5
  • Stealth: 3
  • Social: 3


A Gentleman Never Speaks Solo [3] When it comes to intimidation, methods vary. Some people can be persuaded by pain. Others may respond to loss. Regardless of what terrifies the poor bastards the most, being outnumbered is always a trigger for fear. One man is tolerable. To be outnumbered by several is a death sentence.

  • For every ally participating1 in a social encounter with Ville, he gains a +1 to his Social (Persuasion or Intimidation, not Bluff), with a maximum stack of +3. Ville has to be at or above 2/3rds of his PHP for this to activate.

Take your Best Shot [3] It's always confused Ville that some people will jump into a fight with no protection. People are fragile and guns are a very unforgiving tool. If you want to stay alive, you have to put actual effort into that endeavor. A bulletproof vest is an absolute minimum here.

  • Ville always wears a bulletproof vest beneath his suits. For the first 3 ranged attacks he takes, reduce the damage by 2. This spec has no effect on Melee attacks of any kind, nor do they have any effect on it.

Inadequate by Volume [2] When it comes to drugs and alcohol, sometimes you just can't predict a person's tolerance. Enough booze to incapacitate one person may be a regular Saturday intake for another. It's a gamble, and this time, you've guessed wrong.

  • If poisoned or dosed, Ville takes half the usual penalty for exposure rounded down. If given a second dose or exposure, he then takes the full penalty.



  • CheyTac M300 Intervention w/ Custom Stock
  • Heckler & Koch HK45
  • Utility knife
  • Maglight
  • Handcuffs (x2)
  • Earpiece Radio
  • Extra Ammo
  • CheyTac M300 Intervention w/ Custom Stock
  • Heckler & Koch HK45
  • Utility knife
  • Maglight
  • Black, Shoulder-slung Duffle
    • Handcuffs (x4)
    • Rope 30ft (x2)
    • Bandana (x4)
    • Earpiece Radio
    • Extra Ammo
    • Duct tape (x1 roll)
    • Zippo Lighter
    • Plastic Bags (x3)

Personal Belongings

  • Keepsake Fabric
    • Comprised of a scrap of the sweater Tony gave to the old Ville, and a scrap of old Ville's scarf.
  • Life Journals
    • Both his and old Ville's journals
  • Collection of novels and books
  • Blank canvas
  • Various paints and art supplies
  • Camera
  • Collection of polaroids
    • Mostly of him, Vanessa, and Vauhgn/Kai.
  • Very, very rough sketches of weapons
  • Collection of letters
  • Cigarette case

Background History

Ville was an only child, born to Vale Karlsson and a surrogate mother on October 27th, 1920. He was raised in northern Sweden and educated by his father and his common-law husband Valheim. He was homeschooled in the family home, not far from the local university. A task that grew harder as he grew older. Wandering off to watch and sneak into the drawing and art history classes on campus.

No one in the family was surprised, and it was common for Valheim to playfully blame Ville's sneaky behavior on Vale. Lord knows he didn't get it from the lead-footed English major.

Vale seemed to approve of this behavior, rather than discourage it. There were even days when Vale would let Ville sit in on business deals. His business partners were none too happy about being called out by a 13-year-old, but it was easy to laugh it off as a charming quip after enough alcohol was passed around. From a young age, the concept of criminal games and connections were embedded in Ville.

It was a lesson that made it easier for him to accept the family business when he became of age; mercenary work and the smuggling of anomalous goods to various sellers and clubs. It was risky, against laws both public and secret, but Gods be damned did he find it fun. He wound up marrying early to another member of the criminal underground, in a bid to gain more assistance and power for his family.

But when asked about it, he'll often admit that criminal associations notwithstanding, he'd have married her anyway. She was the only one that could match him in dry snark and wit. She was the only one that could come close to beating him in a drinking contest, and in the art department, she had him bested every time.

He made a handful of friends in a handful of places; from a certain forensic pathologist with a lacking bedside manner to a business partner whose most threatening feature was the fact that raw steak was a favorite breakfast item. He enjoyed life, and things were going smoothly, until a day in 1941 when everything started going wrong.

Late in December of 1941, Ville agreed to work security as a favor for a friend of his, Iris. She and her associates were attempting to view further down their timeline, and due to the scope of the ritual, they needed to ensure it wasn't disrupted. They weren't sure what could happen if the rift they opened was uncontained, but in the end, they learned. Even the most stubborn of mercenaries can be outmatched by a set of GOC strike agents with Gen+1 tech, and when they arrived, they weren't concerned with keeping the circle intact.

The circle was smudged, the rift was ripped wide open, and in went every poor sap within 15 ft of the damned thing.

It was February 17th, 1984 when Ville woke up. And it wasn't the same world he grew up in.

He eventually found his way back to a recognizable town, that being Arvika, Sweden. Needless to say, he began questioning his mental condition upon seeing the date in newspapers. He wasn't in a mood to play stupid games for stupid prizes… But by the end of the day, he accepted his situation, and worked on his next move.

Rather than succeed in finding his family, they found him.

Individuals Vanessa2 had hired to help in hunting down Vaughn began showing up with odd reports. Someone was wandering Arvika, with a description that fit the old Ville almost exactly, sans that this one had both his eyes and grey hair from age. Attempts to bring him in didn't go so well the first few times, but eventually, he was brought in.

Run Details

Run Name Loot Awarded Date
x x x

Misc. Details

  • English
  • Swedish
  • French
  • While originally known as the Snowfall Cartel, as of Ville's takeover, the group has become known as the Förfrysninglikhet.
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