Thomas Abernathy

Player: War_

Profession: Communication Systems Engineering

Demeanour: Bubbly; eccentric; chipper. Quick-witted with a sharp sense of humor. Definitely one of the friendlier faces around; will often try to get on other folks' good side.

Nature: Fairly laid-back, and a lot more experienced than his attitude lets on. Has definitely seen some bizarre things, and isn't much affected by it these days.

Description: Short, chubby, and very babyfaced. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pale complexion typical of a Scotsman. Has a much higher voice than people initially expect.
Tends to dress markedly casually: plain-coloured tees and jeans are his go-to. He often wears a leather cord bracelet on his left wrist.
Always wearing glasses.



  • Physical Health: 10+PDEF
  • Mental Health: 10+MDEF


  • Physical Defence: 0
  • Mental Defence: 0
  • Strength: 0
  • Agility: 0
  • Perception: 0


  • Melee: 0
  • Ranged: 0
  • Stealth: 0
  • Academics: 0
  • Science: 0
  • Medical: 0
  • Engineering: 0
  • Social: 0


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Run Details

Run Name Loot Awarded Date
x x x

Misc. Details

  • Forever a fan of punk and metal, and oftentimes enjoys playing either the drums or guitar.
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