Olivia Dumont-Audley

Player: taylor_itkin

Profession: Field Negotiator, Spy

Demeanour: Proud, loyal, slightly arrogant.

Nature: Olivia is proud of what she has managed to accomplish in life and is not ashamed of that fact. She is fairly outgoing if a bit reserved in her interactions. She's extremely confident in herself and her abilities and is always ready to act when needed.

Description: Olivia is 5' 2" and blonde, light skin, and strong features. Her eyes are green and kind. She carries herself with confidence and friendliness.



  • Physical Health: 13
  • Mental Health: 14


  • Physical Defence: 3
  • Mental Defence: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Perception: 4


  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 2
  • Stealth: 4
  • Academics: 3
  • Social: 6


  • Do You Know Who I Am?: 2 Olivia comes from a very, very powerful family with very, very powerful connections. Olivia may add +2 to her SOCIAL stat when attempting to use her identity as an Audley for intimidation/negotiating.
  • Second Most Important Child: 3 TOlivia always felt like she was a bit less important than her brother Nathan, the actual heir to the Audley house. She always learned to blend into the background when she needed to, letting him have the spotlight. Olivia gets +3 to STEALTH when attempting to blend into a crowd.
  • A Chef Knows Her Way Around a Knife: 3 Olivia is a masterful chef of more than one style of cuisine, and over the years has gained incredible knife skills. Olivia can add +3 to her MELEE when attacking an enemy with her knife while she remains undetected, though she takes a -1 to STEALTH for the preceding stealth check.
  • My Dad was an Engineer: 2 Olivia's father was an incredibly skilled and respected engineer, and he taught Olivia some stuff in her free time. Olivia can add +2 to ENGINEERING when attempting to determine the weaknesses or exploit the weaknesses of mechanical enemies.


  • Radio
  • Wristwatch
  • Foundation-issued Smartphone
  • Combat knife
  • Throwing knives
  • Glock 17 with a suppressor (detachable)
  • MAC-10 with a suppressor (detachable)
  • A combat knife
  • Notebook and pen
  • Flashlight
  • Med kit
  • Compass
  • Radio and transmitter
  • Flare gun and flares
  • Piano wire garrote
  • Smoke grenades
  • Rope
  • Lighter
  • Throwing knives

Personal Belongings

  • Portrait of her siblings
  • Portrait of her wife and 2 daughters
  • Her personal chef knife set
  • Her chef uniform

Background History

Prior history can be found here.

After leaving the Foundation to start her restaurant, Olivia's Place, in 1983, Olivia struggled for a few years to gain any traction in her home town of Ontario with her New York-themed cuisine (in honor of her grandfather), while she was going through Culinary School. Her parents continued to help funding her endeavors until 1985, when a local food critic reviewed her restaurant in an extremely positive light and she began to turn a profit. Finally tasting success, Olivia became ambitious and, after 2 more years, opened a second restaurant a few miles away in 1987 right after graduating from Culinary School. This restaurant, named Madame Audley, focused more on fine dining. Until 1989, Olivia spent most of her working hours at Madame Audley, only cooking for Olivia's Place on weekends, before hiring more chefs and moving between the two. Still keeping close ties with the Foundation, both restaurants became regular catering clients for large Foundation events.

Once Leon died in 1989 in the field, Olivia decided to hand control of the Audley family fortune to Jacob, her younger brother. Not wanting to be completely disconnected from the family, Olivia agreed to cater business events her brother held in the name of the family, allowing her to retain most of her high-class connections with the wealthy.

In 1990, Olivia met a woman named Kassandra Dumont when she entered Olivia's Place and asked to speak directly to the chef. She was unhappy with her meal, which Olivia herself had prepared. After a long, tense discussion, Kassandra asked if she could simply speak to Olivia at a time when she was not working. Intrigued, Olivia agreed, and within 2 months the women were dating.

Kassandra had 2 daughters from a previous marriage that Olivia almost instantly adopted into her own life. Mary was 8 in 1990 and Sara was 4. Olivia taught both girls how to cook, and in time, both girls came to think of Olivia as a mother, and Olivia came to think of them as her own.

Olivia continued to own, manage, run, and cook for both of her restaurants, which at this point were quite successful, especially given the regular catering for the Foundation. Olivia did not keep the Foundation or her affiliations with them from Kassandra or the children, and in 2005, Mary, now 23, joined Site-212 as an on-site researcher. In order to keep an eye on her daughter and ensure her safety, Olivia, after entrusting Kassandra with the ability to manage her restaurants, rejoined the Foundation's task forces as a field negotiator.

Run Details

Run Name Loot Awarded Date
x x x

Misc. Details

Olivia's siblings, in order of age: Nathan (dead), Jacob (40), Chloe (38), Michael (36), Ashlyn (34).


English, French

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