Fred Phillips
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Fred is on the far right

Player: RexOfDeath

Profession: Member of the SRRT(Site Rapid Repair Team)

Demeanour: Fred is focused on his environment. He is always observing others from a tactical standpoint, and is always looking for the truth. He is also very observant on minor details, to see how things happened mechanically or just in general.

Nature: He spent a good chunk of his life fighting and watching others die. But now he is older, he is done doing so. He is very open to others about himself, as he spent most of his life uprooted and moving about. But since his transfer to Site-212, he wants to make a home somewhere.

Description: He stands about 6'2", with tough muscles all over his body. He sports a nice, short haircut, and no matter how much he shaves he has a 5 O'clock shadow. If you were to see the skin under his clothes, you would see a number of scars from his time in, and out, of the Marines. He also has 5 tattoos, An Cross that covers an American Flag on his back, Semper Fi on his gut(notably over a stab scar), on his right breast there is "Death Before Dishonor", in Japanese, on his left back shoulder there is the USMC globe, and on his right back shoulder is a list of names, up to 28.



  • Physical Health: 13
  • Mental Health: 13


  • Physical Defence: 3
  • Mental Defence: 3
  • Strength: 3
  • Agility: 2
  • Perception: 2


  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 4
  • Stealth: 2
  • Academics: 1
  • Science: 1
  • Medical: 1
  • Engineering: 4
  • Social: 4


  • He Went to Hell and Back: (2) Fred has been in a many settings that would scare the average man, and Fred is not a coward. He has seen deadly environments that are man made, and anomalous. He has seen cities attacked, and the gates of hell open up.When Fred is dealing with a scary environment, he gets +2 to mental defense.
  • Bring 'er down!: (2) Fred has been fighting huge monsters for years. From Skips, to a Viet Cong war machine, he can find weaks spots, and help his teammates exploit them. E.g. "Aim for the spot on its neck!" Fred can gives his teammates a helping hand, when he is directing their fire they gain a +2 to range when firing on a "Large" object or creature.(Can only be used twice)
  • Poppin' Smoke!: (value) Fred's got a good arm. Nothing else too it. Fred can throw grenades up to 50 meters away
  • The Pig (gear) Fred, sometimes, carried a M60 into combat, and sometimes he would use it. He eventually got pretty used to using it. Fred can take an M60 Machine Gun


  • Fred wears a white button up shirt, a long brown coat, jeans, a brown duty belt, brown leather boots, and a brown wool cowboy hat. He also wears his Level 3 security badge on a lanyard around his neck. On the belt there is a flashlight, a hammer, a wrench, WD 40, a Glock 17, a walkie talkie, a few pens, a CPR mask, and a notepad. He also has a Zippo, a pocket book with a lot written in it in his pockets.
  • Same gear as onsite but also includes a black Kevlar vest, a dark brown rough leather satchel, attached to which is a MIRA Gas Mask with a shark face painted upon it, in the satchel is some various smoke grenades, more repair tools, he also carries a KABAR, a .45 M1911(replaces his Glock 17), and a Model 70 with a scope.

Variant Primary weapons:

  • Original Production M16
  • M60 Squad Machine Gun with fore grip and bi-pod
  • M14 wooden stock
  • Kalashnikov 47 with a built in bayonet

Personal Belongings

  • Photos of him and the guys in Vietnam(one from every tour), misc awards and medals, his helmet from Vietnam, his Marine Blues, an American flag, a .45 Colt Single Action Army Revolver, and various records and books. He also has two personal vehicles, an exact replica of the General Lee(Modified to accept CDs), and a Red 1970 Dodge Pickup.

Background History

Fred was born on July 4th, 1950, on a farm in Alabama. He was a child of the cold war, and when Vietnam came, he joined up and fought with the Marines. After his first tour, he decided that the US needed more experienced men like him so he went back to Vietnam, and he did again, until he had 3 tours under his belt. Then the Marines didn't need him, but the Foundation did. He was hired in 1978, as a low-ranking member(and repairmen) of MTF Nu-7. Time flew by, and next thing he knew, he was a Field Agent. He worked multiple high risk containment ops and spent most of his time repairing tanks. A notable operation he participated in whilst serving with was the containment of SCP-4661. After suffering an injury in a training exercise(and his age), he was transferred to Site-212 to heal and possibly rub off his training on the "younger breed".

Run Details

Run Name Loot Awarded Date
x x x

Misc. Details

+Will sometimes let janitors go on break and do their job for them.


+English (Fluent)
+Vietnamese (Fluent)


Main theme: Camouflage -
Combat Theme: The Angry American -
Non-Combat: Leningrad -

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