Chief Warrant Officer Carolus “Angel” Rex

Player: RexOfDeath

Profession: Combat Pilot

Demeanour: Really excited all the time and is always a bit jumpy, if not trigger-happy. Likes making new friends and meeting new people

Nature: She flies like a maniac, but with almost an elegance as her planes or helicopters slowly turn and move side to side. She usually shows no empathy for those on the other end of his firefights, mostly because she is never seeing whom she is fighting(for CAS runs). But when someone she knows dies, she bottles it up into a fighting fury.

Description: Rex is 5’11” and is a lightweight. She is always seen wearing a Cavalry hat with its signature swords crossed. She is young and not really scarred by combat yet, but has still seen her fair share of combat



  • Physical Health: 11
  • Mental Health: 12


  • Physical Defence: 1
  • Mental Defence: 2
  • Strength: 2
  • Agility: 3
  • Perception: 3


  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 4
  • Stealth: 2
  • Academics: 2
  • Science: 2
  • Medical: 2
  • Engineering: 5
  • Social: 2


  • ** Ride of the Valkyries:** (value) As a combat pilot, Rex has come to enjoy landing helicopters in hot Landing Zones. She loves to play music on speakers during this and even had some mounted on his helicopter.If music is playing on his speakers, he gets a +3 to Eng. This only benefits his flying and does not buff anyone else.
  • Burn in hell: (value) Rex loves doing CAS runs and when given any sort of incendiary weapon, she finds a way to hit just the right spot. If using incendiary or chemical weapons(e.g. White phosphorus or Napalm), Rex gets a +2 to RNG.



*A radio
Webley Mk VI Revolver, Watch, A Cavalry Hat, A KABAR Knife, and a plaid shirt and jeans

  • A Radio, Aviators, Webley Mk VI Revolver, Watch, KABAR Knife, MP5 Submachine Gun, and a pilot harness
Vehicles he Flies
  • A modified and camouflaged UH-Y1, with rockets, miniguns, and a shark face painted on the front, An A-10 Warthog that can change its payload depending on the Operation, AH-1Z with wings painted on the sides, CH-53D for transporting troops

Personal Belongings

  • Lots of records of her favourite band, Her Army ACUs, Her Army dress uniform, A Winchester Model 70 with a scope, A photo of her heli crew before her time with the CIA, signed, Her CIA badge

Background History

She was born on July 1st, 1981, and was practically born in an aircraft. Her father being a Vietnam veteran and a chopper pilot, she had a lot to look up to. At the age of 16 she knew how to fly most aircraft and was a prominent pilot. She joined the US Army ASAP in 1999. She served for a year and became a combat pilot before being picked up by the CIA in 2001. She was a pilot for Black Ops until 2005, where she was hired by the Foundation. Afterwards she was told to report to Site-212 to be part of some “Home Improvement” group.

Run Details

Run Name Loot Awarded Date
x x x

Misc. Details

She loves Sabaton and Classic Rock


English - Fluent
Gaelic- Fluent
Air Traffic Control -Fluent
German - Fluent
Russian - Fluent

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