Carolus "Rex" Makarov

Player: RexOfDeath

Profession: Explosive Weapons Specialist and Visual Cognitohazard Containment Specialist

Demeanour: She talks with a calm, and almost peaceful tone. She seems to always have a cigar in her mouth, or a cup of coffee. Never almost never loses her cool and always finds a solution.

Nature: She is a very kind and nice woman, she is definitely cool and calm under most situations. She tries to avoid killing. But kindness is not to be mistaken for weakness.

Description: She usually dresses in attire that makes her a bit intimidating, such as a professional suit. She is a bit tall, stand a little over 6 foot, and is on the leaner side with mostly muscle. Her hair is a bright, natural red, kept in a bun. She looks very masculine, but anyone with a good eye can tell she is a woman.



  • Physical Health: 10+PDEF
  • Mental Health: 10+MDEF


  • Physical Defence: 3
  • Mental Defence: 3
  • Strength: 2
  • Agility: 3
  • Perception: 2


  • Melee: 3
  • Ranged: 4
  • Stealth: 2
  • Academics: 1
  • Science: 2
  • Medical: 3
  • Engineering: 3
  • Social: 2


  • Hunters Instinct: (value) She has been hunting Deer, Bears, and Chechens for years. Now she hunt any prey in any environment Carolus can use her senses to follow and track others
  • Face Paint: (value) Carolus has been using local environments to camouflage herself since she was a kid.Now when Carolus is in any natural environment, she gets a +2 stealth
  • I WIll Burn My Neighbors Barn: (value) Lots of things are flammables, and can burn very well She can take Molotovs and make improvised explosives


  • She wears a white button up with black suit pants and leather boots. She carries a Spetznaz engraved Makarov Semi-automatic pistol and wears her level 4 security access card on a lanyard, she also caries a radio that is connected to an earpeice, and she also has her pair of "cog" glasses.
  • She carries an Saiga with frag rounds and a normal rounds, an RPG-7 with thermal sight, a Makarov with suppressor, a red bullet proof helmet with mounted thermal goggles, assorted colored smoke grenades, a KABAR, blacked out combat gear(with a black HAZMAT suit underneath), a MIRA Safety CM-6M Tactical Gas Mask(which has a smiling shark face painted on it), and a heavy combat vest.
  • Variant weapons:
  • AK47 Spetznaz model with a suppressor, thermal sight, and an underbarrel grenade launcher
  • G36C Thermal Sight with and underbarrel Grenade launcher
  • Dragonov with long range thermal sight and a suppressor
  • AK-74u Compact fitted with a thermal sight and a Suppressor
  • RPK with Thermal sight

Personal Belongings

  • Assorted CDs of her favorite bands, a portable CD player, misc medals, a Gas Mask with a shark mouth painted onto it, a Tokerev, a Mosin Nagant from WW2, a 45th Guards desk flag, a home carved cigar box, a GOC helmet, and Russian flag.

Her Room

Her room is quite… interesting. Where the couch was now stands a small electric stove, a microwave, and a minifridge. The table is at ankle level and instead of chairs there are pillows around it. Above the desk a Russian Flag is hung, there is a clear gun display case with a Mosin Nagant, and she keeps her Medals and Coins in a display case on the wall.

Background History

Born on March 23, 1972 in Leningrad, she was born into a loving family, her father Marat Makarov, a Red Army Vet, her mother Faina Makarov, and a few years later her younger brother, Timur Makarov. She was bullied most of her childhood due to her Swedish heritage. Then she found her purpose and joined Russia's Airborne Troops in 1991. She fought in many extensive combat operations in Chechenya and proved herself in combat. She was picked up by the 45th Guards Spetsnaz Brigade atis its founding in 1994, and specialized in explosive ordnance, but during an operation in 1996, her unit was attacked by a large instance of SCP-3023 in Chechenya, which made itself out of local trees. During this engagement most of her team was wiped out, and she barely managed to kill it by burning it alive. Following the encounter she was recruited by the Foundation, while the remaining survivors were given to the GOC in an agreement for keeping the incident quiet. Since then she has been working with MTF Eta-10 and has been given access to unthinkable combat opportunities. She has been given cognitohazard training and has built it into a specialty. She has spent a good amount of time training people in other units to be prepared for visual cognitohazards, and in the use of high yield explosive ordinance and armor piercing ordinance. But in 2004, she was taken prisoner by a Chaos Insurgency cell during Operation Hidden Tiger in Bastogne, Belgium. While in their custody, they interrogated her for 12 days. She eventually fought her way out, terminating all members of the cell. A day later she reported for duty at Site-54. She was given psych evals and was remove from duty for 8 months. She has recently been transferred to MTF Psi-7 from MTF Eta-10 to put her on the back burner for combat operations. She is currently here for "cognitohazard awareness seminars." It is to be noted that she still keeps her friends in the GOC.

Run Details

Run Name Loot Awarded Date
x x x

Misc. Details

+Rolls her own cigars and does engraving


+German(Can read, listen to and write, but not speak)


+Enjoys cigars


Main theme- Leningrad
Side Themes:

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