Anaïs Laraskë

Player: etoile (spicaterrible)

Profession: Senior Researcher, formerly stationed at Site-15

Demeanour: Anaïs is cheerful, kind of bonkers, and a little scarily dedicated. She's known for being extremely casual in speech and mannerisms for her position, and has a penchant for hands-on experiments—that is, using herself as a test subject. She also has a reputation for being either lucky or knowing more than she lets on, or possibly both. Her CRV is documented as being unnaturally high.

Nature: You wouldn't know from a chance meeting, but Anaïs is a genuinely caring, empathetic person. Her natural mental toughness means she doesn't have much trouble assuming hardships to spare others, and those who work with her testify that she sincerely cares about everyone's wellbeing. She's still kind of a little nuts no matter how close you are with her, though.

Description: Anaïs is a tiny little lady, about 4'11", with enormous owlish glasses that hide her piercing blue eyes and a lot of silvery blonde hair. She tends to dress far too warm for the weather, and usually wears scarves and multiple layers. She's in her late thirties.



  • Physical Health: 10+PDEF
  • Mental Health: 10+MDEF


  • Physical Defence: 0
  • Mental Defence: 0
  • Strength: 0
  • Agility: 0
  • Perception: 0


  • Melee: 0
  • Ranged: 0
  • Stealth: 0
  • Academics: 0
  • Science: 0
  • Medical: 0
  • Engineering: 0
  • Social: 0


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