Alastor Loralai

Player: RogueNite

Alastor Loralai (December 4th, 2004)

Profession: Pre-mortem Medic

Demeanour: Laid-back and rebellious (read: a bit of a habitual snark). He's the sort of man to share a drink with anyone, but if you get him going, expect him to hop up on a table and start an absolute RIOT. He'll chat about anything, with anyone, but sometimes it's hard to tell if he's genuinely interested. He's listening intently anyhow.

Nature: Al is a very… Stubborn fellow, at least on certain matters. Otherwise… His morals are flexible and his attitude to things such as the veil is laissez-faire at best. People are important. Having a life worth living is important, letting people have a life worth living is important. Everything else is a means to an end.

Description: Alastor stands at 5'4, with a thin build. He keeps his hair styled semi-wavy and choppy- it's dyed black with purple undertones. He tends towards sweaters, mostly dark-colored and argyle patterned, with dark slacks and gloves. Hiding under all the black and conservative clothing he wears are intricate tattoos along his back, arms, and upper torso. They extend to the backs of his hands, hence his gloves. There are splochy patches of scar tissue, mostly around his arms and upper back. He had two large scars on his chest, covered by tattoos. He has dark eyes.



  • Physical Health: 12
  • Mental Health: 15


  • Physical Defence: 2
  • Mental Defence: 5
  • Strength: 3
  • Agility: 3
  • Perception: 4


  • Melee: 0
  • Ranged: 0
  • Stealth: 4
  • Academics: 3
  • Science: 3
  • Medical: 6


Healthy Exorcise: [2] There are nasty buggers out there. Ghosts, ghouls, certain fey, some Gods… They just have no sense of personal space! In Alastor's eye, his body is a no-possession zone, and with the assistance of some willing folks at Haunted House, he's trained his mental defenses. There's only room for one spook in this skull.

  • Alastor gains a +2 MDEF bonus against possession and possession-based attempts at mind control. This spec does not apply to other kinds of mind control, simply to possession-related variations.

Mors? Nos Dissentio: [4] Alastor may be qualified to hear complaints from patients before and after death, but he really doesn't want to. He went to medical school, and prefers his teammates alive and walking. His methods are morbid, but you're still kicking, aren'tcha?

  • If a teammate hits 0 PHP, and Alastor has medical dice remaining in his pool, he can activate this spec.
  • Alastor has a single turn cycle to reach the specified target (he must get to them before the turn order cycles back to them). Once he reaches them, he rolls medical.
  • His result determines how many turns it will take to revive the ally (see below). Once revived, he rolls a modified medical die (1d4+2), the target stabilizes at the value rolled.
  • This spec does not remove or prevent the 0-HP debuffs caused by emptying a characters HP, unless a critwin is rolled. The critwin clause, however, cannot replace lost limbs.
Roll Value Turn Total
Crit-fail Auto fail
3-6 2 Turns
7-9 1 Turn
Crit-Success Instant

Past the Looking Glass: [3] Lacking the innate ability to see invisible or formless creatures, Alastor has had to get creative to fill in the deficits. Those goggles atop his head aren't just for show, even if they look sharp with his attire. During his time at the GOC, he was able to get help constructing a device just for him. If something aurates any sort of energy, he can track it.

  • When in use, living entities show up as bright white silhouettes of their true forms on the output screen(the lenses). This includes entities that have gone invisible.
  • Non-living entities, such as ghosts or spirits, show up as grey silhouettes on the output screens (the lenses).
  • The audio is garbled, but Alastor can usually make out the chatter in much the same way one could hold a conversation in a crowd.

Minored in Post-mortem: [1] Eight years of education, two academic institutions, and enough caffeine in total to put any other classmate to shame (and to the grave)? We would hope Alastor had some vague idea of what he was doing.

  • Alastor gets a +1 to rolls regarding knowledge of the undead and associated rituals, this buff also applies if he's attempting to put together the ritual. He can't perform it by himself, as he isn't a type blue, but he can at least get things set up for when one does come along.


  • Beretta Px4 Storm
  • Pager
  • Radio and Earpiece
  • Utility Knife
  • MP3 and Headsets
  • Wallet
  • Cellphone
  • Flask
    • Contents vary; usually absinthe.
  • Labcoat
  • Beretta Px4 Storm
  • Radio and Earpiece
  • Utility Knife
  • Medical kit
  • Rope (30 ft)
  • Extra ammo
  • Flashlight

Personal Belongings

  • Collection of essays and journals from his time at Deer College
  • Textbooks on Medicine and Nekiya1
  • Several posters for bands including; The Misfits, HIM, Linkin Park, and Slayer.
  • Sewing materials
  • CD Player
    • Various CDs
  • Books
  • Gibson Sg Standard 2005 (Cherry Red)
    • Alastor had a stand mic and an amp to pair.
  • Worn-out toys
    • Fighter-jet model
    • Stuffed animal (Albino Bunny)
    • Puzzles

Background History

"He's a skilled medic, even moreso if your patient is close to death. We usually call him in during dire situations, but he should be able to keep your men alive just fine. Try to return Dr. Loralai in one piece by the end of the year, or when your issues with Voodoo and related soul-snatching come to a close. Whichever comes first. He's an eccentric sort of fellow. He should fit in with your lot quite well."

~ Dr. ██████ "Chipper" ███████
Senior Medical Staff

Alastor Loralai, the middle child of his family and the resident trouble-maker, was born in 1977 in the city of Three Portlands. His family, aligned with the GOC, was heavily entrenched in occult affairs and the local academia of the town. His parents both specialised in anart, researching and documenting the exhibits and movements of AWCY as they occured.

This meant that bedtime in the Loralei house wasn't simply a time for rest. Going to bed meant not having to listen to their father curse at a fake monet as it grew out of the frame and tried to overrun his office. It meant their mother needed some time to herself for a report about a sculpture of the Virgin Mary made of real virgins bones ground into clay- and this is where the trouble began.

This was also when Alastor learned he hated anart. With a burning passion.

He still has the splotchy scars from chemical burns in his youth. One too many fights lost with that damned pitcher plant/wolf hybrid that his father kept locked in the basement between bouts of studying and dissecting it's individual parts. It's partly the reason for his tattoos.

But, despite the trouble he always managed to get into, Alastor finished his public education with an honors stamped on his diploma. This was no accident. He was hellishly determined to avoid winding up in the anart field like his parents had, and his plan of action was to book it to Deer College for his pre-med before jumping over to ICSUT to finish up his MD. And it worked!

Except that Deer College requires, essentially, a duel-major. One mundane. One Occult. Pre-med solo simply wouldn't cut it for their admissions department, and he was gonna have to figure out what to pair with his pre-med unless he wanted to jump ship to a mundane college on the other side of the veil.

No. He wasn't going with anart. Even if by some strange shift in the universe he'd wanted to, it just wouldn't work. His senior thesis meant merging his chosen disciplines. He wasn't creative enough to pull a pre-med/anart combo out from the void.

In the end, he picked a secondary focus in their Division of Invocation and Summoning. To his surprise, picking Nekiya didn't entail raising hoards of undead minions, an assumption that pissed off Haunted House dormatory for a solid month. Sure, it still involved chatting with the dead, but it was a major he could manage with the help of otherwise mundane technology. Everything gave off energy, and he could just track that. Mundane as Alastor was, he managed just fine.

He published his thesis in 1998 upon early graduation, and used that as a springboard to attend ICSUT with a scholarship (university is expensive!). He continued his studies, eventually graduating with a MD alongside a secondary focus on Nekyia/Necrotic Arts, publishing his second senior thesis shortly after graduation (2002).

But it's a wonder he graduated at all, because lord knows he couldn't go five minutes without doing something that irked another person. If you met the man, no one would blame you for assuming him to be a Law major- because he debated. Daily. Usually with willing debate partners, except for one. His ICSUT senior thesis was written in direct contrast to a Thaumaturgy major who argued that nobody with a focus in Nekiya deserved to be anywhere near an OR. No one ever figured out who won that little spit, but Alastor argues that he did. After all, in his words, "her opinion of the dead had to have changed- poor girl set half the instructors who read her paper to the afterlife from boredom!"

He landed a job with the GOC shortly after graduation, seeing as, they were one of the few places that would (and could) hire someone with a diploma from Deer or ICSUT. He worked as a medic for the most part. Being mundane, he couldn't do much in the way of actual nekyia. Instead, he served as a consult for those who actually could do the job without a helping hand from technology.

So, how did he end up at the Foundation?

He was transferred over to assist in their… Death related issues. Missing souls, gods and spirits related to death and the afterlife, it was a mess. And Alastor was their only mundane consult on the subject. The GOC didn't want to see what would happen if they sent over an anomalous person. This also marked Alastors transfer into the GOCs PSYCHE division.

It's in the GOC's best interests to keep such an catastrophe from worsening by sending support, and if that fails, then they have a set of eyes to report when and if things get nasty.

So, in late April of 2005, Alastor was transferred to Site-212 as a 'field medic.' Here's hoping his secondary expertise never becomes needed.

Run Details

Run Name Loot Awarded Date
x x x

Misc. Details

Bonus GOI Stuff
Deerie Graduation: Alastor Loralai, '98 (he/him)

Major: Biology/Necrotic Arts

Hometown: Three Portlands

Who I was when I came to Deer: I was an overly rebellious little punk. All I wanted to do was avoid ending up in anart like my parents— not because I think they landed in a bad place, but because I hated anart like the plague. Impulsive might just be an understatement.

How Deer changed me: You can't live your life assuming shit and you certainly can't have your only goal in life to be running away from a singular outcome. I left Deer with a better respect for the laws of the world we live in. I left understanding that I needed to live for more than just, rebelling. Personally, I left looking for a balance between doing something personally fulfilling and doing something that put some good into the world.

Favorite class: Safety in Seance, Respecting the Spirits you've Summoned with Prof. Dylan Reins.

Cool Stuff I Did: I ran for Student Body President, and lost. I also wrote for the Odyssey, and was editor-in-chief. I don't talk about it, because we were caught in a scandel after Student body President Miranda Hawthornes accused us of helping to rig the student body election via memetics in our paper. We didn't. That was the Eggplant. Get your accusations straight people, come on.

Advisers: Prof. Hannah Charlottes (Safety in Thaumaturgic Workings 1984-2004), Alphonzie Carmara, PhD (Organic Chemisty 1994-)

Thesis: Deadringer: An In-Depth Look Into Post-Mortem Psychology and Ectocompatible Medications

What it's about: Some of those who have left the mortal coil seem to carry on the traumas and mental ailments they suffered from in life, and it's absolutely unfair that they should suffer. I spoke with those at Haunted House and those in town to see their opinions, and we worked together to theorize what medications could work on non-corporal entities. I spoke to various doctors and therapists at the college and at the Portlands medical center for their opinions.

What it's really about: I don't really know who they were, but I met this ghost during my studies. And, I'm worried for him. He seemed scarred. Scared.

What's next: I'm going to ICSUT on scholarship, thanks to my senior thesis. I'm getting my MD, and I'll see you fucks at the GOC. I love all of you, just don't wake the dead again. They have my email.

  • English
  • Latin (Can Read/Write, not Speak)
  • American Sign Language (Fluent)
  • Alastor is the middle child.
    • His older sibling is Allens Loralai (F/32). She is a Ranged Support Specialist for the GOC.
    • His younger sibling is Amie Loralai (M/25). He is currently studying Parapsychology/Anthropology at Deer College.
  • Alastor's Favourites:
    • Song: Burn (The Cure)
    • Food: Bourbon-spiked Brisket
    • Book: A Wrinkle in Time
    • Season: Winter
    • Movie(s): The Crow
    • Color: Midnight Purple
    • Animal: Rabbit
    • Pokemon: Ariados
    • Artist: Voltaire
Alastor's Tropes
  • Drink Based Characterization (Gargle Blaster): Alastor likes Absinthe. Straight. He's amazing at saving his teams skin and he can get clever as all hell with his education in Necrotic Arts. Should you be concerned? Maybe.
  • Blind Obedience: To the GOC. Alastor was raised by parents who were employed by the GOC. He went to college intended to join the GOC like his parents. When we was sent to the Foundation, it did nothing to change his allegiance. In fact, he's gotten in a few spits already with the staff.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Alastor just likes to make jokes. Those jokes are either dry-humor or simple snark. 80% of the time.
  • The Short Guy With Glasses: He's 5'4. He's got glasses. What else do you want?
  • Life/Death Juxtaposition: He's a medic. He's also a necromancer.
    • The Medic: Don't worry. This won't hurt a bit.
    • Necromancer: Except he doesn't raise the dead, he communes with them and helps them pass on. If you ask him to raise the dead, he will lose all respect for you.
      • Nightmare Fetishist: Alastor is a goth, punk rock necromancer. He actually likes the company of ghosts and ghouls and gods of death.
      • I See Dead People: Those goggles? They aren't just for fashion. They allow our Necro-buddy to actually do his job.
  • Never Gets Drunk: Alastor takes more alcohol than most to get hammered. He doesn't drink if he's due for work soon after, but when he does drink, the only tell that he's got alcohol on him may be that his flask has a window on it. Catching him drunk is like finding a leprechaun.

Character Theme: The Cranberries - Zombie
Combat Theme: N/A

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