Arena System

Site-212 is equipped with an arena system usable for training as well as experiments and planning for operations. It is located in a reinforced section of the site with close proximity to the main powerhouse where a good portion of site power comes from. The arena itself is less an arena visually; it is a single large room, structured in layers with the outermost layer being Observation.

Observation is stocked with many computer systems with multiple screens that gives simulation visual and vitals of people within the simulations. Multiple stairs around the room lead to a level five feet down from there called the Staging floor.

The Staging floor is dotted with 32 short, three foot wide domes evenly spaced out and a single larger dome in the center of the room. Each dome is raised out of the floor when activated, revealing a pod that agents are suspended in for simulations.

The pods contain a large full head covering and numerous wires/tubes. Agents are put into body suits and then connected to the life support system of the pods. The agents are sealed into the pods which are then filled with a semi viscous fluid that allows the agents to float. At that point all agents within pods are put into a dreamlike-state VR simulation where they can feel all feedback and input with no fear of actual death.

Simulations are controlled by an AI system housed within the central pod.

OOC this works as follows:
Artificial environments, enemies and effects can be loaded into the simulation program in order to create a scenario. These scenarios can be tailored to suit any type of scenario or team composition.
Generally these scenarios are GM-run, however players with permission can also run their own arena scenarios as well.
Although characters can be hurt and/or killed within a simulation, this does not actually happen to them, and no damage or injuries will be sustained on exiting the simulation. If a character is killed, they are automatically ejected from the simulation.
However, this is not an excuse for deliberate character-on-character violence or self-destructive behaviour, and players found breaking this rule can still be penalised.

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